Thursday, 15 January 2015

book launch, reviews, videos, etc.

In Real Life comes out today - Jan 15th, which is when the last chapter of the book is set.

it's had a few reviews now, too: a really nice one in the Guardian, a quite nice one on Bookmunch, and a not-so-nice one in last week's Sunday times (which is behind a paywall, thankfully).

if you are in London on the 22nd of Jan, or you just live in London all the time, etc, please come to my book launch:

also, you can now read the first 20 pages or so of the book here.

and finally i made a series of short/stupid instructional videos:

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

excerpts from my novel, london, bristol, hot shorts, etc.

there's a few small excerpts from my novel, In Real Life, online now: 3 x small depressing job centre experpts at MuuMuu House, and ? x medium-sized depressing excerpts at The Manchester Review.

doing a few events too. there's a London launch thing, on the 22nd of Jan at [i don't know the name of the place yet; will post more info soon], w/ nice people Nikesh Shukla, Emma Jane Unsworth and David Whitehouse, and then the next day, i'm doing a free lunchtime/afternoon thing in Bristol (with Nikesh) that sounds fun and kind of intense.

also, my band Hot Shorts are playing a free gig @ Fuel in Manchester (Withington) on Friday Jan 16th w/ some other bands (Cop Graveyard, Groves & The Collected Fictions). here is the Facebook event for it. pls come and throw rotten fruit at us.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

website, novel publication, etc.

i finally updated my website

i'm going to be reading a bit from my novel, In Real Life, at Literary Death Match on Monday the 15th of December in London, and at Zach Roddis' launch for Tourism on Thursday the 18th of December in Salford. 

my novel is being published on Jan 15th, 2015. here's the Canongate page for it

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013


I think my favourite part in The Anthologist is either the part where Paul Chowder writes about how great and talented and unsung the writers of Friends are, or the bit when he talks about cutting off an imaginary ponytail and burying it in his garden. I feel like those bits are pretty close together in the book, maybe in the same chapter. I don't know where my copy of The Anthologist is. (I suspect it is most probably on the bookcase in the hall nearest to the door to this room which is, at most, five metres away from where I'm sitting now.)

I think I read somewhere that Nicholson Baker (see picture above) wrote The Anthologist by dressing up as Paul Chowder and filming himself doing improvised monologues to video camera. I hope I haven't imagined that. 

Also: Hey, look, I finally went uppercase. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013


i still can't remember what it was.

oh well.

here is a picture of what i look like right now, not remembering what it was:

serious question: do i look like i'm going bald in the picture?

94% of the time - walking around, going in supermarkets, using the internet, etc - i feel like i'm going bald, very, very slowly.

the other 6% of the time - walking around, standing at the self checkout, plugging my laptop into the wall, etc - i'm just not thinking about it i guess.

my lip looks pretty dry in the picture. (don't worry. i've since moistened it.)

i didn't get up at 4:30am this morning.

i've not shaved in about a week.

i am wearing a fleece made out of recycled plastic bottles + no slippers. 

Nicholson Baker

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

hi again

i feel like there was something else i wanted to blog about.

(i can't quite remember what it is.)

maybe if i keep typing, i'll remember what it is.

i wonder when i'm going to 'go uppercase'.

maybe it will be at some point during this blogpost.

i wonder if Nicholson Baker has a blog.


i just googled it.

he doesn't even have an official website, outside of a Simon and Schuster one, a University of [Something] one, and a fan page.

update: the fan page is pretty good.

i guess Box of Matches was kind of like a blog.

i wonder what would happen if i started getting up at 4:30am.

i wonder what would happen if i grew my beard out 'all the way' (does it stop growing at some point?).

i wonder what it was i wanted to blog about.