Sunday, 15 April 2007

eyebrows + reading

my story 'eyebrows' is now online at 3am. i like this story. i'm proud of it. i think i like it because i wasn't maybe trying as hard to write something 'literary', like 'nailed to the bridge'. although i like that one too. so i'm not sure what my point is. i guess i am just saying i like my stuff.


i read 'day of moustaches' yesterday at this little magazine fair at the Basement bookshop and cafe on Lever street (no. 24). i'd never been before. it looks like a nice place to go. i bought a big glass of apple juice. the big glass of apple juice cost me 50p. i also met the people behind Parameter magazine. they are good people. they are heroic. i post this picture of William Faulkner's moustache in salute to them and their fine magazine.

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