Sunday, 20 May 2007

1: break up with Carol

I am breaking up with Carol. Carol is sitting in the chair. I am breaking up with her. I am telling her that this isn’t working out. I am using the language of television. Carol is looking at her knee. I am looking at Carol’s knee. Carol looks at her knee. Her knee is poking out from under the edge of her skirt. It is white and has a small blue bruise on it. I am breaking up with Carol’s knee. I don’t feel anything. Carol is sniffing. Carol is asking why. I am shaking my head and talking to her knee and telling it that I don’t know. The knee transmits the message to Carol’s brain and she begins to cry.


This morning I woke up, panicked, and moved all the things around in my room and then threw some of them away. I made toast. I decided on breaking up with Carol. I am breaking up with Carol. I am throwing away my things. I am putting them in a bin bag and carrying it out to the street.

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