Wednesday, 30 May 2007

11: quitting

In the staff room I stand in front of the rota which is pinned to the wall. I look for my name. There it is. I look for my next day off. I look along the week and the weekend and into the next week and the weekend after that. I am working every day until the sheet runs out, which is two weeks from now.

Later I find my boss. He is in his office. His head is shining. I tell him about the rota. I ask (very politely) if some sort of mistake has been made.

He says something quickly and confusingly. I only understand about 16% of what it is. I understand that he is apologising and that yes there is a mistake and it is his mistake and he is sorry.

So I ask him when my next day off is.

He says he doesn’t understand.

Then he says something which I don’t understand.

We talk at each other like this for a while, not understanding.

He apologises.

He says I must work the extra shifts.


All afternoon I think about it: This isn’t right. It isn’t legal. I must quit. I will quit right now. Etc.

I carry on working.

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