Wednesday, 23 May 2007

4: banana memo

I am called to the office. My boss is in the office. His head is shining. He tells me to sit down. He is speaking very quickly. I only understand about 16% of what he says. He is saying something about bananas. It sounds like an apology. He is wringing his hands. On his desk is a memo. On the memo my name is written and then a dash and then the word bananas. He is saying something about a delivery and that I should go and have a look in the storeroom. I have just started my shift. I have been working now for six minutes.

In the storeroom is a tower of something. It nearly touches the roof of the storeroom. All the other things in the storeroom look very small in comparison to it. When I am close to the tower I see that it is a stack of crates. The crates all have the same word written on them.

I stand looking up at the top of the tower for a while. I have been working now for eleven minutes. I put my hands on my hips. I take my hands off my hips. Someone walks past and says something and pats me on the back. They say something about bananas.

I go and get a stepladder from somewhere.

I climb the stepladder. I am climbing the stepladder. I get to the top of the stepladder. I manage to get the top crate off. I carry it back down the stepladder.

I go and get a trolley from somewhere.

I put the crate on the trolley.

Then I climb the stepladder again.

I keep doing this until I have been working for twenty eight minutes.


On my lunch break I take my phone out of my coat pocket. Two missed calls from Carol. A message from Carol. It asks me to call her. It says we still have a lot to talk about and that Carol doesn’t understand. It says things were going really well. I think about her knee, probably now under the desk in her office. I delete the message.

I put my hand in my other coat pocket. I think that someone has stolen my cigarettes and lighter. Then I remember throwing them away. I remember throwing away about three quarters of the things in my room and in the living room. I remember accidentally throwing away some of Ian’s things and going and getting them out of the bin and putting them back in the living room.

My phone begins to ring.

I take it out of my coat pocket. I hold it in my hand and look at it.

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