Friday, 25 May 2007

6: replenishment supervisor

My room is almost empty. I am sitting on edge of my bed. My bed is one of the seven things left in my room. My room has almost nothing in it. I am one of the seven things left in my room.

Ian is in the kitchen. He is making pasta. He is shouting up the stairs if I would like some pasta.

Ian does not make very good pasta.

I am scared of Ian’s pasta.

My stomach rumbles.

It is not loud enough for Ian to hear.


I worked for six and a half hours today (not counting breaks). I turned the tower of crates into a slightly smaller tower of crates. I transferred the crates from the storeroom to the shop floor. I transferred the bananas from the crates to the banana section. I am a replenishment supervisor. When I finished my shift I bought one of the bananas. I took it into the car park and put it in the bin.


Carol is calling again. I am not picking up. I am not here. I am out at the pub. I am dating Sandra from the deli counter. I am in the living room with Ian. I am single.

Ian says I should probably answer it.

The TV is on.

We are watching adverts.

I say there is no point in answering it.

Ian says what does that mean?

I say I don’t know.

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