Friday, 18 May 2007

L shape

From where I stand at work, I can watch the old people fall down the stairs. Old people falling down the stairs at work at the rate of two or three per hour. They are usually old women. Old women falling down the stairs. Old women making up around ninety percent of the total percentage of old people falling down the stairs at the place where I work. Ninety percent is a lot of old women.

Sometimes I think my job at work is to stand here behind the desk and watch old people fall down the stairs.

Whenever an old person falls down the stairs, I feel something in my stomach. The feeling starts at the top of my stomach then goes downwards and then it goes across the bottom and towards the left. It goes in an L shape. The old women and men, falling down the stairs, are communicating L shapes into my stomach.

My working day goes like this: Sell book, L shape, wait around, L shape, sell book, L shape, etc.

An old woman falls down the stairs.

An L shape is drawn in my stomach.

Then the L shape is gone, but the old woman is still there, and a crowd has gathered to watch, and a member of staff is telling people not to use the stairs, and to please use the lift in the back, and we are waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

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