Wednesday, 30 May 2007

'supermarket nightmare' chapters 1-10 out loud

i read the first ten chapters of the untitled 'supermarket nightmare' last night at the apple picking society. i like the apple picking society. it's a shame that was the last meeting for a while. there will be more, hopefully, next september. you should come. at the next meeting i will read chapters 11-1,000,000.

i put flyers about the
untitled 'supermarket nightmare' on the tables. i printed out 30 flyers. at the end of the night there was only one flyer left. i wonder if any of the people who picked them up have actually come and looked at this. if you are one of the 29 people who picked up a flyer, please leave a comment below. it can just be your name or a swear word or a full stop if you want. i don't think anyone will leave a comment. i would like to be proved wrong about this. increase my optimism.


Tao Lin said...

someone probably threw them away or they fell on the floor and you didn't see.

chris killen said...

i think at least three were used for wrapping chewing gum in.

JT said...

Well, you know I've got one. The rest are probably just shy about commenting, or even just, as you suggest, leaving their name. Lot of pressure there.

Thanks for reading though. Your bananas were that special ingredient that put it over the top, I think. Can't wait for more in September.

chris killen said...

in september i will read something so destructive it makes people shuffle around in their seats for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have one too. Would have commented sooner, but I couldn't work out how (I only have the internet on my phone- it scares me). PS. I tried to 'friend' you but it wouldn't work : (

chris killen said...

hey. thank you for commenting. a shame about the 'friending'. try again. how does the nightmare look on a phone? i hope it looks even more nightmarish.

PK said...

I don't know- I've never seen it on a normal computer.

vicktoire said...

hiya- i picked one up but have no idea where it went. luckily, google seems to be able to locate anything no matter how little you know about it. "bananas bananas bananas" + "supermarket" + "carol's knee". it was also fortunate you didn't use some crazy spelling of "carol". :) x

(also, apologies for the delay in posting, have been out of the country.)

Jim B said...

Your novel is beautiful.
We want you to finish it.
And, come to think of it:
You are beautiful, also.
Last night we eloped together. It was in a dream. We left the city and went to live in a smallish but comfortable log cabin in the woods somewhere.
And I grew vegetables and gathered firewood and that sort of thing, while you wrote the most sublime books that anyone had ever heard of.
Was it a prophecy, perhaps?
Do you believe in predictive dreams?
I don't, on the whole, but there are an awful lot of them in the Bible.

chris killen said...

jim b, that sounds nice. i have no idea who you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I am Socrates the Rat-Man. I know it's been a long time coming but I thought to make up for it I'd let you in on a secret. Every Thursday I dress up in a red coat and give things out for free on the streets. How's that?