Monday, 11 June 2007

23: peach stone

I walk to the tower of apples and stand next to it. Then I walk into the chiller and look at all the other fruit and vegetables that my boss wants me to put out. Then I go and look at the tower again. Then I go out and have a walk around the produce department. I rearrange some broccoli into a more ‘appealing’ shape. I go back into the chiller and sit down on one of the crates. There are no cameras in the chiller. I eat two grapes and a peach. Afterwards, I look at the peach stone for a while. It looks very small and sad. I put it in my pocket. I imagine having a very cold wank in here. I eat another grape. I imagine walking over to Carol’s house after work and tying a note to the peach stone and throwing it at her window. The peach stone does not shatter the window. It bounces off the glass and falls into her garden.


Anonymous said...


chris killen said...

i knew the 'luv' wouldn't last. i knew there would be 'haterz'.

it is about time.

thank you for commenting on my novel and hating it. or me. or my protagonist. or whatever.