Wednesday, 13 June 2007

25: sorry

It doesn’t make any sense. The supermarket only has so much space in it for apples. The space for apples is about 3 metres x 2 metres. The apples in the tower would need about 3,000 metres x 2,000 metres space.

I don’t want to think about what the words ‘afternoon’, ‘delivery’, and ‘bananas’ might mean.

I decide to forget about the apples and focus on all the other produce. It is still in the chiller. The produce on the shop floor is thin. We are receiving, on average, around three complaints an hour. The staff from the other departments are beginning to hate me. They are constantly having to go out the back and get produce from the chiller for angry customers.

I will not make a joke here about the ‘fruitlessness’ of things.

I get about 1/100th of the things in the chiller put out.

Before I go on my break, I go into the chiller and get a lettuce and put it on the concrete floor. I use the lettuce leaves to write ‘I’M SORRY’ on the floor. I use a grape for the full stop.

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