Monday, 18 June 2007

30: pause

I shouldn’t care about my job.

I should be like a character from an American film.

Maybe the likeable, best-friend character, who is only doing this job until the thing he really wants to do takes off. Whatever that is.

I am a humorous sub-plot in the film.

Or maybe I am the main character, and the whole film is about me ‘overcoming the odds’ of working in a bad job in a supermarket.

Or maybe I am just one of the many extras, and there is only one supermarket scene, and I am only on-screen for maybe one to two seconds, stacking some red shiny apples in the background, as the main character walks past me down the produce aisle.

You press pause and freeze me. You press the ‘frame advance’ button. I am in the background, my arm extending, jerkily, putting another shiny red apple on the pile of shiny red apples, one frame at a time. I am on screen for exactly thirty two frames.

Then you let go of the pause button.

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