Friday, 22 June 2007

34: Carmella vs. Carol

chapter 34, 'Carmella vs. Carol' is guest-appearing at Six Sentences.


PK said...

Given that this project is to last the rest of your life, is them describing this as a 'short novel' not condemning you to some sort of impending doom?!

chris killen said...

PK, the novel is going to be one hundred chapters long. as soon as i finish the novel i will murder myself. i will do this for publicity, and to join in with such other internet 'luminaries' as Tao Lin ( - post of May 19th) in making wild self-murder claims and then definitely seeing them through.

i will follow him and other such publicity-hungry fiends off the edge of the cliff.

"self publicity!" i will think as i 'plummet' towards the rocks.

thank you for your concern.