Monday, 25 June 2007

37: worried moth

My boss appears again. He is suddenly walking around the stacks of bananas and apples shaking his head. He is picking up other pieces of fruit and vegetables and shaking his head at them too. He looks distressed. His head flutters around like a shining worried moth under the strip lights.

He goes to his office.

The part time evening replenishment assistants arrive. They are three and a half hours late. They show up thirty minutes before the end of their shifts.

Sorry, they say. We got lost on the way again.

Where’s Linda? they say.

Linda called in sick, I say.

My boss returns. He is holding a piece of paper. I look at the piece of paper he is holding. It is a ‘TO DO’ list. He says something about us getting the things on the list done quickly, before the shop closes. I look at my watch. We have twenty five minutes ‘to do’ the things on the list.

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