Friday, 29 June 2007

41: traitor

I stop by Linda’s house on the way home.

I ring the door bell.

An old man comes to the door. He stands behind the glass.

Who is it? he calls through the glass.

It’s a friend of Linda’s, I call back. Is she in?

Linda’s sick, he says.

I stand there for a while.

The old man stands there too, behind the glass.

I take a banana from my bag and post it through the letterbox. It falls onto the carpet of Linda’s house. The old man bends down and picks it up.

Goddamn you, Linda, I say very quietly.

Thank you, the old man calls through the glass at me. Thank you!

I watch the shape of the old man carrying the banana off into the darkness of Linda’s hall and the movement of his elbow as he starts to unpeel it.

When I get to the end of the drive I look back at the house.

Goddamn you, Linda.

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