Monday, 9 July 2007

51: new manager

There is a new manager implemented for each section.

My new manager – the ‘Produce Manager’ – is Helen.

She explains it all to me. I understand everything she says. I understand too much. More than 100%. She says she is basically an ‘intermediary’ between the produce department and my boss. She says that basically from now on, if I have anything I want to say or do, re: produce, I should basically say or do it through her.

She uses the phrase ‘shape up or ship out’.

I imagine quietly ‘shipping out’ to the Philippines, wherever that is.

I ask Helen how much she knows about the Philippines.

She says, aren’t they basically a third world country or something?

I say I don’t know.

I make a mental note to use Ian’s computer when I get home and google ‘the Philippines’. I will also google the word ‘tita’. I will google them independently and then together.

She says, No more talk about the Philippines, young man. Basically only produce talk in here from now on.

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