Wednesday, 11 July 2007

53: standing

At lunch I go to the staff room. I try sitting in a chair but my back is too painful from the whipping. The Turtle. I eat my lunch standing up. All the people from the other departments are also eating their lunch standing up. We don’t look at each other. No one is speaking. Our backs are stinging.

Carmella comes in. She tries sitting in a chair too and makes a wincing face. The Philippines. She stands up and goes to one edge of the room. A couple of people shuffle aside to make room for her. She stands at the opposite end of the room from me. All the chairs and tables are empty.


Jenn said...

Chris, I am getting addicted to this. Please stop. I have work to do.

P.S Please can we have more photographs of you with bananas? I think you were a touch conservative with the hand-basket. I want to see you pushing a trolley of bananas.

chris killen said...

jenn, don't worry -- the 'supermarket nightmare' will stop after 100 chapters. the bit at the top is a lie.

there will be another 'photoshoot'.

i will do an 'indecent proposal scene for you with bananas. or something with a trolley.

good website, by the way.

Jenn said...

Thanks Chris - it's not done yet. I've got to put lots of photos of my cactus on there too.
Can I have a 'Secretary' scene with bananas please. And a 'Night of the Living Dead' scene. And a 'Reefer Madness' scene. Please. All with bananas. Please.

I like lies, the bit at the top is great. If it were my blog, and I was having a not-lying day, I'd have 'A bit. Every now and again. If I can be bothered.'

You going for drinks with G. on sunday?

chris killen said...

i will make all those things happen.

i am working at the supermarket on sunday, i'm afraid. sian is going.