Thursday, 12 July 2007

54: google

When I get home I look in the house for Ian. Ian isn’t home. I write a note and put it on the kitchen table. The note says: “Ian, I am in your room, using your computer.”

I go into Ian’s room and sit down at his computer. I turn it on.

There is a toilet roll next to the computer.

I connect to the internet. A pop-up chat box appears on the screen. It tells me I am signing in under the name ‘Bad Ian’. I open Internet Explorer and type ‘the Phillipines’ into google. It says I spelt it wrong. I click the correct spelling.

A message appears in the chat box saying I am now signed in as ‘Bad Ian.’

I start reading some information about the Philippines.

A new chat window pops up.

A message from somebody called ‘Sexwand_52’.

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