Thursday, 19 July 2007

61: walled city

I get up at 6:45.

I stand in the shower.

I get out of the shower and look at the clock.

It is 8-something.

I walk to work.

I get to work for 8:50-something.

I go up to the staff room. Carmella’s coat is hanging up. I hang my coat on the hook next to hers. I take the arm of my coat and use it to stroke the arm of her coat. I put the sleeve of my coat in the pocket of her coat, and then stand back look at that for a while.

At first it looks romantic.

Then looks like my coat is stealing something out of her coat.

I take my sleeve out of her coat pocket.

Today I will talk to Carmella.

I will ask her if she has been to Makati City, the financial center of Metro Manila, with its high-rise buildings, and home to the biggest companies in the Philippines. I will ask her if she has strolled down its tree lined avenues (which are a welcome respite from the pollution and traffic of Metro Manila).

Then I will ask her if she has been to Intramuros, the original walled city of Manila, where the Spaniards used to hold government on its grounds. I will ask her if she has been to the famous Manila Cathedral and nearby the San Agustin Church, which are located within its walls.

I will somehow work these questions very naturally into our conversation, and not sound like I have just been googling the Philippines all night.

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