Thursday, 26 July 2007

68: the police

Maybe I will call the police.

I stand by the phone in the hall, wondering if I should call the police and tell them that Ian has not come home now for 48 hours.

I pick up the phone.

I dial a number.

It is not the number for the police.


Socrates said...

Whose number is it? Will we find out in the next chapter?

chris killen said...

you might do.

Socrates said...

Here is my prediction.

The number is not the police number. The number is a different number that doesn't connect you to the police telephonically using a telephone. A lady answers the phone. The lady is on another phone talking. I can hear a lady talking. It is the turtle.

What do you think?

chris killen said...

it might be.

Socrates said...

Holy crap. You are using suspense as a device by which to make me check your blog again tomorrow. BUT I CAN'T CHECK IT TOMORROW BECAUSE I HAVE A DAY OFF WORK. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME. I've got mental problems.

Jenn said...

I think Ian has gone to the Philipines.


I think Ian and The Turtle have ran away together for whipping fun.

Jenn said...

Run away together?

It is certainly not ranned or runned away together, of that we can all be sure.

chris killen said...

i have no idea what the correct sentence is.

or: i have no idea which the correct sentence is.