Tuesday, 17 July 2007


i am still taking requests.

there are six words left.

i have already worked in the first one. see if you can find it.


rickshaw said...

how about a name?


G said...

Further to last night's conversation, although I want to offer up candle as it's a word you like (and I was so pleased that I randomly said a word you liked so much), I'm afraid I won't. Nor will I offer up that word you really, really don't like. "****" (it's too insulting to share).

Instead can you include the word "snowglobe" which is a word I really like (I toyed with paperclip, jersey, quiff and shredder also).
Looking forward to my word.

chris killen said...

okay. and okay.

gina, thank you for not typing that other word. if i wanted to read it, all i'd need to do is open toby litt's 'ghost story' or sarah water's 'the night watch' or any other modern novel and see it about 100-times-a-page.