Saturday, 14 July 2007


i am now taking 'word requests'. if there is a word or name you want to see worked into the 'supermarket nightmare', please post it below as a comment. i will work in the first 10, in the order they are posted. it might take a few chapters for them to show up, but they will be worked in before the end.

[the rules:

please just post one word.
one word per person.
i will work in the first 10.
please be somewhat gentle and considerate with me.]


Martin Molloy said...


Martin Molloy said...
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Brian Centrone said...


chris killen said...

martin, i will let the hyphen go.

brian, okay then.

for future entries: please attempt and 'enter into the spirit' of things, and not be too cruel.

meow said...

Intramuros (look it up, it is in the spirit of things)

chris killen said...

yes. that last one is a good one. thank you for being kind, meow.

chris killen said...

i just googled 'anarcho-syndicalist'. now i know what it means, i am not as scared of it. thank you for the entries so far.

Jenn said...

I subsribe to a word of the day thing. This is what it sent today. I think it is in the spirit of things.

fructuous \FRUHK-choo-uhs\, adjective:

Fruitful; productive.

Fructuous comes from Latin fructuosus, from fructus, "enjoyment, product, fruit," from the past participle of frui, "to enjoy."

Please pick me.

chris killen said...

okay. we have four requests. six words are still 'up for grabs'.

Chris said...


sheshark said...


Anonymous said...


'You can do it!'