Monday, 27 August 2007

100: I will quit today

I will quit today, I think.

I think it on my walk to work and as I’m hanging up my coat and clocking in.

Carmella’s right, I think. I should quit.

I will quit, I think. I will quit today.

Oh god. I will quit in the most dramatic, ‘full-on’ way possible. My quitting will be the quitting equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster. My quitting will have car-chases. Explosions. It will be rated ‘R’ and someone in the front row will faint and have to be carried out. Someone else will scream and cover their mouth with their hand. Two people in the back row of my quitting will be kissing and not paying attention, and look around, notice the commotion, and say ‘What?’ Parts of the quitting will be subsequently deemed ‘unsuitable’ and edited out for the DVD version.

I think this all my way down to the shop floor.

I get to the shop floor.

I start work.

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Anonymous said...

i loved it. hard.