Tuesday, 7 August 2007

80: surprise

It takes me seventeen tries to get my new number right.

Right, says The Turtle, once I’ve clocked in. Go down to the store room. I’ve got a bit of a surprise for you.

I go down to the store room. The Turtle follows, ten metres behind me.

At the doorway to the store room, people from other departments are all standing around, looking annoyed about something. They have their arms folded. Their body language is defensive. When they see me, they scowl and start muttering things.

What’s going on? I ask Charlie from the Beers Wines and Spirits department.

What’s going on? he says. I can’t get into the bloody store room, that’s what’s going on.

Yeah, says Brian from Frozen Foods. Me either.

They both scowl at me.

I don’t understand, I say.

I go up to the door to the store room. I push it. It doesn’t move. Then I look through the little porthole thing in the door. The store room is completely filled with produce.

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