Tuesday, 14 August 2007

87: the sack

I go back to the shop floor.

I go and find The Turtle. She is standing by the checkouts, chatting to another manager.

The other manager stops talking to The Turtle and goes over to one of the checkout girls.

Not Carmella. Carmella is at the far end, at the basket checkout, by herself.

I try and catch Carmella's eye. I try and say ‘dinner’ with my eyes, but she’s not looking this way.

The manager whips the checkout girl.

Then she comes back to The Turtle and they start talking again.

They laugh about something.

Excuse me? I say.

The Turtle stops talking. She turns to me.

What? she says. Basically what is it?

I’m not doing anymore work today, I say.

What do you mean?

I guess I mean I want the sack.


The sack. I want the sack.


I want you to sack me.

I’m not going to sack you.

Please sack me.

I’m not going to sack you.

The Turtle pats me on the head.

I feel comforted.

I go back to work with extra vigour.

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G said...

That Turtle's use of reverse psychology is cunning...