Wednesday, 15 August 2007

88: best shirt

I almost manage to get the door to the store room open all afternoon. By the end of my shift it’s really very close to opening.

I clock out. I get my coat from the staff room. Carmella’s coat is gone from its hook. Carmella is walking home now, probably thinking of me coming round to dinner in an hour and a half.

I walk home. I live on the other side of town to Carmella and her tita.

I could call Carol and let her know that I won’t be free to see her this evening.

I get out my phone.

I dial Carol’s number.

No answer.

I get home. Ian is still not home. I go into Ian’s room. I put on Ian’s best shirt and spray some of Ian’s best spray on my neck.

I quickly log onto the internet on Ian’s computer and read a couple more things about the Philippines.

Then it’s time to go.

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