Thursday, 16 August 2007

89: charm

I am walking to Carmella’s tita’s house.

Soon I will be pressing the doorbell of Carmella’s tita’s house and Carmella’s tita will be opening the door and standing there smiling at me and Carmella will be in the background – the hallway maybe or the kitchen – and also smiling.

I will say something charming.

It will be the most charming thing I have ever said, and the most charming thing they have ever heard.

It will be the first of 1,000,000 charming things that I will say over dinner.

I will charm then on all manner of topics.

I will charm them too much.

My charmingness will come like an oil slick into Carmella’s tita’s house. It will wash Carmella and her tita up against the walls. They will lie there, struggling to move, and news reporters will come and broadcast them on television, and people will feel sorry and call it a ‘tragedy’, and volunteers will turn up and help out however they can, and it will be referred to, in the future, as ‘The Carmella’s Tita’s House Charm Disaster’.

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