Thursday, 23 August 2007

96: salad

Carmella’s tita is in the kitchen.

Go and sit back down, kids, she says.

We sit at the table.

Carmella’s tita comes in carrying a huge bowl.

In the bowl is fruit.

A fruit salad.

A huge fruit salad.

So much fruit in the bowl some is trying to escape over the sides.

She puts the bowl on the table.

Carmella and her tita ladle some of the fruit salad into smaller bowls.

A piece of chopped banana falls onto the table near me.

I look at it.

They begin to eat.

They stop and look at me.

I pat my stomach.

Sorry, I say.

Oh, says Carmella’s tita. I didn’t think. Sorry.

That’s okay, I say.

I sit there looking at the piece of chopped banana.

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