Saturday, 25 August 2007

98: popped out

I get home. The lights are on inside the house. I don’t remember leaving them on when I left.

In the hallway, a pair of shoes. The pair of shoes look more like Ian’s shoes than my shoes. Also, a mountain bike. I don’t own a mountain bike.

I go into the kitchen.

A note on the table:


Sorry if you were wondering where I was. Just popped out for a bit.

Back now.



G said...

So excited, the penultimate chapter...oh what will happen next...Bring in a last minute giant ape, please.

turtle merula said...

nooooooooooooo! It's not going to end!!!! You will write a chapter every day until you die! (whip)

Anonymous said...

We're holding an untitled-supermarket-nightmare-last-chapter-party in our korridor tomorrow complete with fruit salad and a guy named ian... would you like to come?

Jenn said...

Can I come too?

chris killen said...

i would like to come to the last chapter party. i am sorry that you'll have to reschedule your party and have it tomorrow, though. that was my fault for writing the wrong number on yesterday's chapter.

where is your 'korridor'?

Anonymous said...

jenn and chris, you are welcome to come. the party has been rescheduled to the disappointment of 2 german guys, 1 romanian girl, 1 french guy and 2 american girls. i told them it was your fault.

our korridor is in a building called Spolletorp in Lund, Sweden. 3 minutes away from the central train station. there's a purple bike with a white daisy outside the entrance.


chris killen said...

i didn't make it to the party. sorry. how was it? jenn, did you go?