Thursday, 13 September 2007

dazed and confused + reading

i am in the october issue of dazed and confused magazine, page 233. it mentions the 'supermarket nightmare' and gives a link a the bottom of the article.

for anyone who's typed in the link and is reading this:


thank you for having a look at my blog.

the 'supermarket nightmare' novel is finished but you can read the whole thing by clicking here (or just scrolling down to the bottom of this page), or read the sequel (written by Duncan Cheshire) here.

i will still be posting things on here.

please click on some of the other links, like 3am and bear parade and my friend chris' site.


also, i will be reading some of the untitled 'supermarket nightmare' at the Manchester Blog Awards, October 10th.

i will be reading the first chapter of the bird room at the Ilkley Fringe Literature Festival Thing, October 11th.

i like reading. i have lots of things i could read -- short stories, novel extracts, etc. if anyone knows any good open mike nights, or wants me to read at anything, please email (see below right).

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