Sunday, 30 September 2007

please ignore the last post - novel update

i have been redrafting some more. my novel is now just over 1,000,000 words.
it is a sequel to Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke. it is about a cat having a dream about Ethan Hawke.
i have sent Ethan Hawke a myspace message. i am waiting for a reply.
(Ethan Hawke, if you're reading this, please reply and let me know that this is an okay new idea for my novel.)


Lapa said...

Do you know one of the best portuguese writers ever: CRISTÓVÃO DE AGUIAR?

Thank you.

Brian said...

Ethan Hawke walked past me once when I was waiting outside of Tower Records Lincoln Centre to see Cyndi Lauper preform a song from her then new album, "At Last." She actually sang two. That was a good event. She was very nice and signed my album. I could only manage a "thank you", but she understood what it really meant. She also wished me a "Happy Holidays." I had amazing eye-sex at that event. Really the best ever. What made it over the moon was the guy I was having eye-sex with was standing right next to his boyfriend. Aw, the memories.
Oh, yes, back to topic., Ethan Hawke apparently smells. A guy I was in line with was on a lift with him once and EW's BO was well ripe.
Hope this has helped. And if EW is reading this, do forgive me--I really want to get it on with you :)

chris killen said...

Lapa, i hadn't heard of that person before.

Brian, please stop using my blog to pick up Ethan Hawke. this is a 'professional' post.

Ethan, if you're reading this, i'm sorry. i am going ahead with the novel anyway.

G said...


G said...

Crikey was aimed at Brian.
Brian: Crikey.

Fat Roland said...

I once ate Ethan Hawke's carpet-fluffed, slightly damp second-hand popcorn.

Jenn said...

I once threw a big stone at Ethan Hawke. It hit him rather harder than I had intended. When I dared to look at him there was blood in his eyebrow. I ambled over and said, 'sorry, Eeth,' in a laconic, cool kind of way. Ethan said, 'that's all right, no harm done' and dabbed at his eyebrow with a monogrammed hanky. I forget what happened next.

Brian said...

Chris, OK. I'll stop trying to pick up Ethan, but if I miss my chance with that hunk, it's all your fault. 30 lashes will have it.