Thursday, 13 September 2007


hey, it looks like i'm not just reading at the Manchester blog awards thing, but have been shortlisted. i am currently 'in negotiations' with Mark Perry, author of chapter 50, for him to come along and read too.

he's scared.

please post encouraging, non-sarcastic comments for him to read below.

(i did not vote for myself, by the way. honest. good work, whoever it was that did. thank you.)


emily-face said...

That's great :)
I'd love to say I voted for you - but I didn't even know such awards existed.

mark said...

You're damned right I'm scared. Last time I attempted a reading my lungs flew out my mouth and were carried away by ants. They built a nest in them. It took me months to coax them back inside(the lungs, not the ants)