Wednesday, 19 September 2007

top 5 books

gone twelve on a weeknight. you need to be in work tomorrow, but are still inexplicably awake, checking your emails, looking at all the websites you have bookmarked, and there is absolutely nothing new, whatsoever.

you have three choices:

go to sleep.

have a wank.

read my 'top 5 books' on Dogmatika.


Jenn said...

woo hoo. one of your top five books is the one that I lent you! I'd like to add it was a birthday present from my good friend the Viv which I lent to you even before I read it and didn't get back for like, ten years or something. But I don't mind because now you have made it a bit famous, and it is a very good book.

chris killen said...

jenn, ten years is a gross exaggeration. it was maybe eight years or something. nine at the very most.

Brian said...

I was more interested in the wanking bit. As the Greeks say, there's nothing like a stiff goat.