Saturday, 22 September 2007

word count

i am redrafting my novel. i am doing 1000 words a day. i've promised Canongate a new draft for the end of this month. my novel is now 26,952 words long. i want it to be between 35 and 40,000.

i put some short novels on the table and looked at them for a while to make me feel better. i looked at the size of the font and the size of the border. i looked at Cold Water by Gwendoline Riley, Eeeee Eee Eeee by Tao Lin, An Unfortunate Woman by Richard Brautigan, The Human War by Noah Cicero, and Gold by Dan Rhodes. Cold Water had the biggest font. Eeeee Eee Eeee had the biggest border. An Unfortunate Woman had the least pages. these things calmed me down a bit.

there should be a website somewhere, where you type in the name of a book and it tells you exactly how many words long it is. if anyone has found this website, please post the link as a comment. if anyone knows the exact word length of the above novels somehow, or of other short novels, please post them in the comments. please calm me down and help me redraft my novel.


Tao Lin said...

amazon shows wordcounts for some books. click on stats or something. it's there.

eeeee eee eeee is 28,000 something words. i think the stranger is 32,000 or something. the easter parade is 50,000 or something. good morning, midnight is 40,000 something i think. bed is 50,000 something.

chris killen said...

you did them in ascending order. good work. thank you.

Anonymous said...

alright dude,

as an author myself i can completely identify with the fear/relief factor of 'knowing the enemy' (or if you like, the word count of other more er published novels) so my technique is this, multiply the number of words in an 'average' line, with the number of lines on the page then multiply that with the number of pages and you have an aproximate word count give or take a few thousand.

chris killen said...

thanks for the tip. which author are you? said...

Wow, there is a lot of helpful information in this post!