Sunday, 14 October 2007

bargain Lorrie Moore post

from the novel Anagrams, p. 110:

Sunday is always a bad day. A sort of gray purgatory that resembles a bus station with broken vending machines. God is dead, and denied the last word on things, is acting like a real baby. Sunday is some sort of revenge.

i like Lorrie Moore a lot. i don't know if i have a short attention span -- i don't think i do -- but i quite often get impatient with 'literary' novels if there is little or no humour in them, or if nothing surprises me on a line-by-line (or at least page-by-page) level. i am thinking of books like Cloud Atlas, The House Gun, Disgrace. i found those books pretty frustrating to read. all Lorrie Moore's books in contrast have things happening page-by-page which surprise me or i find funny. on that page, page 110, there are about eleven or twelve surprising or funny things. another writer i like, who does that for me, is Richard Brautigan. i am trying to do that in my novel.

i bought my copy of Anagrams for 49p. you can too. Faber did a thing where they printed special promotional versions of some books for 99p. one of them was Anagrams. there are still lots of copies of it hanging around. they say £6.99 on the cover, but if you take them to the till, when they scan through they now come up as 49p. i did this twice, in two different shops; once in Manchester and then again a few weeks later in London and gave that copy to a friend. it really should work. i promise.

i wrote down a list of the shops that still have at least one copy of this version in stock at work today. if you live in the UK, visit one of the following branches of W****stone's
for your very own 49p copy of Anagrams. (make sure it has this ISBN: 9780571233861).

The Economist Bookshop (wherever that is), Bolton, Bromley Market, Bury, Cambridge, Camden, Chelmsford Meadows, Colchester, Croydon, Dorking, Dundee, Durham, Folkston, Gateshead, Gower St. (London - that is where i got my second copy, i think), Hull, Ilford, Inverness Highstreet, Ipswich, Kettering, Kings Lynn High St., Lancaster King St., Leicester Market St., Lisburn, Meadowhall, Newbury, Newcastle E-something?, Nottingham, Peterboro Bridge St., Preston, Redditch, Shrewsbury, Southampton, Southend High St., Stevenage (watch my friend Socrates' video about Stevenage here), Trafford Centre, Warrington, Wolverhampton, and Wrexham.

i hope the list is not too difficult to read.

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