Tuesday, 30 October 2007

cat boat update + nits

new Cat Boat stories from Sam Garrett and Duncan Cheshire.

also, Mr Whiskers has handed in his Tunnel of Love drawing competition entry.

there are now only one hundred cats left to write stories about, so please quickly send your submissions to chriskillen [at] gmail.com

also (this is a bit dull) does anyone know what is going on here (see, like, the last 100 comments on that post) and other places on my blog. i am being bombarded with spam posts. i am not sure what to do. does anyone else who writes a blog get this? is there maybe a special fine-toothed comb i can buy or a shampoo or something to get rid of all these comments?


Duncan Cheshire said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about your nit problem. Maybe they hitched a ride to your blog on one of the cats.

Try adjusting your settings to enable 'word verification' for all comments. Apparently this will confuse and deter the robot spammers.

G said...

I love 'Money to loans' (I'm wondering if this the name of the 115th cat that didn't quite make it onto the boat, who watched it sail away from the harbour just as he arrived...he had even bought a lovely new scarf for the voyage, which was really annoying for him). I really love the way he enthuses you to "write anything else".
Such encouragements will take you to very dizzy heights indeed.