Thursday, 18 October 2007

Charles Dickens

Victoria Hannan has just submitted a Cat Boat story about the cat Charles Dickens. thanks so much, Victoria.

here is Victoria's story:

Charles Dickens

There are 32 reasons why Charles Dickens should not be on The Cat Boat but he cannot talk about any of them. Charles Dickens has more secrets than any other cat on the boat, and maybe even more than any other cat in the whole world. On fine days, when the ocean melds into the sky, Charles Dickens pretends he is in a big blue bubble where there is no past and no future, where there is only blue. In the big blue bubble, Charles Dickens has no secrets.

Every day during his first week on the boat, Charles Dickens tried to count how many other cats there were (there are 113 other cats). But the other cats refused to stay still. The other cats are stubborn and get distracted by the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky. They are always moving around, pointing with claws extended, oohing and aahing. Charles Dickens even tried to count them while they were all sleeping below deck but it seemed like there were thousands of them. When they breathed in unison they looked like a big furry ocean swirling before a storm or a fuzzy patchwork of fields seen from high up in the sky.

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