Wednesday, 31 October 2007

endangered rhinos, tandem bicycles, exercise music downloads

my friend Chris came up to visit yesterday. you should look at his website. it's good. he told me about this web-based art project thing by the artists Thompson & Craighead; a live feed of google searches. i think i could look at it all day.

click here to go to the live feed of google searches.


Frank Morgan said...


apologies for being a boring pedant but it won't be Google that the beacon is getting fed from, that kind of info is very closly guarded.

I'd be interested to know where the info was coming from though.

and it seems they have some kind of 'adult' filter on it as well, seeing as 80% of all searches are of a 5exy nature

Anonymous said...

Tandem Bicycles - Tandems (Tandeming) is great fun, cant wait to get out on mine again