Friday, 5 October 2007

Les Savy Fav vs. Nadine Gordimer

i am excited. les savy fav are playing manchester club academy on october 21st. i like them a lot. i wrote about them here and in this short story. when i saw les savy fav play in vancouver, the singer came on for an 'encore' by himself. he came up to the front of the stage and unzipped his flies and took apples out of his trousers and handed them to the crowd. i can't imagine Nadine Gordimer doing something like that on her reading tour for The House Gun.

here is one of les savy fav's new songs.

here is a live video of them. i like this one a lot.

in contrast, here is a live video of Nadine Gordimer.

i think i am accidentally turning this blog into a kind of youtube music blog. don't worry. there will be more cat-related posts, and publicity-related posts, and what-i-had-for-breakfast posts, and pictures of the bookshop i work in posts, and lorrie moore and joy williams posts soon.

also, i don't know what my 'big problem' with Nadine Gordimer is all of a sudden. i will leave her alone now.

1 comment:

Brian said...

That House Gun bitch is so cold and empty. I think she should be slapped with a 100,000 word manuscript.