Thursday, 11 October 2007

manchester blog awards

hey. i won the category of 'best writing on a blog' or something. i drank too many Warsteiners and had a nice time. i am rushing at the moment, as i'm reading at this Ilkley fringe festival thing tonight. i will write more about the blog awards tomorrow. in the meantime, there's more about it (and pictures of me reading) here and here*.

*i spoke to a bbc person and got misquoted. i told them that the friday project expressed an interest in the supermarket nightmare novel (which is true) but that has somehow got turned into 'chris has signed a contract with them' or something (which is not true). the Warsteiners probably didn't help.


Brian said...

I wish I was there. Sorry I missed it. :( I'm glad you won, I knew you would. Hope your reading at the Fringe thing went well, too. Let's meet up soon and have a toast in your honor. And I do mean toast, my stomach is trying to kill me. An alien might burst through at any second. If it does, you can have my ScallyBoy Orgy DVD. Oh, yes, and my signed edition of The Night Watch. I know both will bring you great comfort.

Anonymous said...

congratulations. the tash has it!


Tim said...

Congratulations from me too.