Friday, 12 October 2007

more about the blog award and other things

i just checked my statcounter. since i got nominated for the blog awards and people wrote about it, the number of 'unique visitors' has gone up by something like 60 people. i got 100 or so visiting yesterday and today. if you are someone who is reading this for the first time, please visit some of the links to other websites that i like (bottom right). getting all this attention makes me want to do something silly. so please find below a photograph of me making the sign 'rock on' with my left hand, and holding a copy of the album 'Tunnel of Love' by The Boss.

there are a few photos of me reading on other blogs. i linked to two in the previous post. there is another one here where i'm very small and you can see the crowd. it was a fun night. i read in a sarcastic-sounding monotone for the most part. i'm still trying to perfect my 'reading style'. i don't know. i like readings, although i'm aware that they are mostly about publicity. i don't know how much people enjoy them. i do sometimes. i guess this blog is about publicity, too. i'm thinking about starting a reading night somewhere in manchester, probably in chorlton, just for prose reading. there isn't one already, i don't think. it will mostly be about promotion, but the good thing that comes out of promotion is: more people reading other things by the writers that read afterwards. this is just an idea at the moment.

i read at a thing last night in Ilkley, too, to about 11 people including the ushers of the theatre. i read the first chapter of The Bird Room. i said swear words to some old ladies. The Bird Room is just swear words, pretty much. swear words and internet porn.

Ben Myers has just started a blog
. it looks good so far.

i'm going to spend the cash prize i won on a dehumidifier from Argos, to try and stop my hands from feeling strange in the morning.

the next thing on here is going to be a very short story (which will mostly just be description) called 'The Cat Boat'.


chris killen's flatmate said...

Dear Agent

Please find enclosed a sample of my phlegm.

While I consider my influences, (which include poor ventilation and a high water table), as eclectic as those of my flatmate, Chris Killen, my work is not identical to his. While Killen makes commendable use of funny hands and a hacking cough, I aim to address a gap in the genre for a clicky jaw, and the lurid phlegm enclosed herein.

Your comments on my phlegm will be received with many thanks.

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for the big-up, Catman.

Ben Myers