Thursday, 4 October 2007

Nadine Gordimer vs. Chavez

i sometimes think of my writing like it's a band. like i might think, 'i want my writing to start out by releasing a 4-track demo tape (giving some short stories to your friends or start a blog or something), and then do a seven inch record on a record label that is owned by someone who makes all the covers and things in their room (have some short stories on websites and in small print magazines), and then maybe do a 'proper album' but on an independent label eventually (publish a novel).

the kind of bands i like are almost always on independent labels, and they write serious-sounding music, but are also sarcastic and funny too. i feel confused when i read an interview with a writer and they sound incredibly serious, or if i read a novel like The House Gun by Nadine Gordimer, which is about the most coldest non-funny book i have ever read. i know that 'the situation' in South Africa is serious, but i also know that if i read a book like that i will feel confused and eventually bummed-out and afterwards wonder if Nadine Gordimer has ever made a joke about anything, ever, and then will probably have to make some stupid comment about it to someone, like 'do you think Nadine Gordimer knows what 'felching' is?' or something. i get like that, if i'm ever at a table in a pub or wherever and there's a 'serious discussion' about literature happening; i will say something stupid or make a joke.

i wonder if Nadine Gordimer likes the now-defunct american rock group Chavez? i have been looking at videos by the now-defunct american rock group Chavez on youtube recently. i like their videos. their music is quite 'serious' sounding, but they are being funny in their videos too, kind of taking the piss out of themselves.

here is a Chavez video.

here is another Chavez video.

i like bands that do that a lot. other sarcastic bands i like, in a similar vein, are Les Savy Fav and Silkworm. i would like my writing to be the equivalent of something like one of those bands, one day.

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