Wednesday, 3 October 2007

'real blogging'

this post is inspired by Tao Lin's week of real blogging. it's good. you should read it. do the people who read this already read Tao Lin's blog? you should. you will realise that my blog is an almost direct copy of his blog, and then maybe you will stop reading this blog and read his instead, and maybe also buy copies of his books, and then i will have succeeded in my act of self-sabotage for the day.

i am unsure what to do with this blog. i guess i set it up to 'promote' my writing, my short stories and things. and then i did the 'supermarket nightmare' novel on it. now i'm unsure. i don't know what kind of information to 'deliver'. i think i have three options: personal stuff, so you can sort of feel like you are casually stalking me and find out what i had for breakfast, and what i am quietly panicking about, etc. or just news about my writing, etc, things like how i am getting on with the novel, and if i have any short stories anywhere, etc. or more general promotional stuff, like please read this story by my friend, or this video on you tube is funny, or something.

today i am going to deliver all three:

i have been ill. i have been drinking lemsip and walking around in a dressing gown, and not feeling like doing anything, and coughing a lot. i had marmite on toast for breakfast. i've been quietly panicking about 'making mistakes', like writing too much information on here and then regretting it, and, on a bigger scale, that i write a novel and it get it published spring 2009 and then one day in the future wake up to completely regret it and somehow have to go out to everywhere that sells it and buy every existing copy and then hide them all in my house for the rest of my life.

the novel is coming along well. i am still redrafting, but it is 'getting there'. i am reading at the manchester blog awards. the venue has changed now to Matt and Phred's jazz club in the northern quarter. i will be reading some bits from the 'supermarket nightmare'. i also have just answered some questions for an interview in (i think) the forthcoming issue of Open Wide magazine. they might also be publishing one of my short stories in it.

you should watch all the videos my friend Socrates has uploaded on youtube. they're really good and funny. here is one as an example:

the others can be found by clicking here.

if you are bored, please vote in the comments section for the kind of information you would most like to see 'delivered' on this blog. thanks.


Duncan Cheshire said...

I read Tao Lin's blog, and this one, and Jenn's. They distract me from writing my own blog, which isn't 'real' blogging at all.

I would like this blog to deliver:

more cat-related posts
more publicity
the occasional witticism
an online novel, one a day, every day, for the rest of your life
news about what you had for breakfast

I would not like this blog to deliver:

Links to youtube posts about novel writing, or comments about them.

Once was bad enough (and it wasn't even on this blog).

Tao Lin said...

i would like this blog to deliver more pictures of the bookstore you work in, more posts about joy williams and lorrie moore, and more... that is all i think

Anonymous said...

Not to make you panic or anything, but this was definitely a mistake;

'...that i write a novel and it get it published spring 2009...'

This part of the blog needs less it's, generally I'd like to see more reviews of the latest arguements you've overheard.


The Yuppie

chris killen said...

okay. i will do all the things listed 'and more'. thanks for the suggestions.

Zachary German said...

thanks for liking my poem and linking to my blog

i think copying tao lin's blog is a good idea

i will read your blog now in the hope that it will be like having a twice-as-large tao lin' blog to read

by the way is it okay to comment on a blog post that isn't the most recent blog post? that is something i wonder

Jenn said...

Chris, there are more than three options, if you consider that you could write about the personal stuff, but actually make it up. Then people who like reading your blog would have something to read, but you wouldn't have to feel bad about having real things about you on the internet. And it is okay to do this kind of lying because if you are typing when you are lying it is called 'creative writing'. So I would like to hear more about lemsip and dressing gown and your job please. Also, no more you-tube vids about novel writing because watching that made me feel quite unhappy.

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