Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Tunnel of Love drawing competition

on The Cat Boat, the cats favourite record album is Tunnel of Love by Bruce Springsteen. the cats wonder what a Tunnel of Love looks like. the cats decide to have a drawing competition. they each go to a separate area or compartment of the boat and draw their own idea of what the Tunnel of Love might look like. they play the record album while they are drawing. some of the cats use crayons. others use pencils. a few use biros. one uses bits of fur and glue. computer-savvy cats use computer paint programs.

if you would like to enter the Tunnel of Love drawing competition, please submit a drawing of the Tunnel of Love to chriskillen [at] and include the name of the cat it has been drawn by.

here is Corvus's drawing:

here is The Great Unknown's drawing (submitted by Emily McPhillips):

here is Tina's drawing (submitted by Anonymous):

here is Mystic Mog's drawing (submitted by Duncan Cheshire):

here is America's Next Top Model's drawing (submitted by Frank Morgan):

here is Mailorder's entry (submitted by David Meller):

here is Mr Whiskers' entry (submitted by Duncan Cheshire):

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