Monday, 19 November 2007

alternate lyrics to the album 'Graceland' by Paul Simon

The Boy In the Bubble

I walked around in Cholton for a while this afternoon
And looked in the window of Oxfam books
There was an LP in there
One by Bob Dylan and the Band
It was twelve quid
Then I had something to eat in the Chorlton Eatery
And returned my overdue library book (‘Cathedral’ by Raymond Carver)
I had to pay a fine of £2.50


The flat is very cold
It’s kind of damp too
When I wake up in the mornings sometimes
The sheets feel a bit damp
And it’s difficult to get out of bed
And go down the corridor
And turn on the heating thing
I don’t know how to work the timer properly

I Know What I Know

Once, when I was about
Twelve I had a dream
About hanging around with a girl
At a fairground
And then woke up and wanted to be
Asleep again
And tried
Really hard
For about a month
To have the same dream again
(It didn’t work)


I bought a bottle of wine
From Somerfield
It cost 2.99
When I got home
And poured some in a glass
And drank it
It tasted funny
I felt confused
I felt a bit sick
I looked at the bottle
And realised I’d bought
‘De-Alcoholized’ Merlot
Good lord
It tasted like medicine

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

What happens when you die?
(I like the parts in the novel
‘The Quick and the Dead’
By Joy Williams
Concerning this subject)

You Can Call Me Al

I can’t think of a film Chevy Chase has been in
In, like, the last ten years
Is Chevy Chase even alive any more?
What is Chevy Chase doing with himself?
Has he moved into ‘executive-producing’?
Or invested his money in real estate
Or something?
What is Chevy Chase doing right this second?
There is a time difference
Between Chorlton and Hollywood
Chevy Chase is probably asleep
Or just waking up and walking
Down a hall
And into a kitchen
And pouring some Alpen into a bowl

Under African Skies

My short story ‘Hiromi’ has
Been accepted by the Manchester
Based magazine Transmission
The new issue
Will be published on
The 25th of January, I think


I was in work yesterday and
Looked at the short story collection
‘Varieties of Disturbance’
by Lydia Davis
There are some stories in it which
Are only about two lines long, or
Even one line
And I felt good because I was able to
Read about ten of them in a couple
Of minutes and
Then I felt worried because I
Thought about how much thought she’d
Put into creating such small things
And I guess they were a bit like poetry
And I worried that I didn’t know what
Poetry was either and then worried that
I just write things too fast and
Don’t spend hundreds of hours
Picking a thing apart, sentence by sentence
But if I re-draft something too much
I can work myself into a state of inertia
And then I’ll worry that that feeling will work itself
Into the thing I’m editing

Crazy Love Vol II

We defeated semantics
I’m glad we did that

That Was Your Mother

I wish that David Shrigley was someone I could
Talk to on the internet
Or meet for a drink at Pi in Chorlton
Maybe tomorrow night
I think David Shrigley would probably have a
Pint of Flat Cap which is a kind of dark, sweet ale
I would have a pint of Lindeboom
And we would get complimentary peanuts
Not because David Shrigley is ‘famous’ or anything
But because they give everyone complimentary

All Around The World or The Myth Of Fingerprints

I downloaded the album ‘Music For Tourists’ by
Chris Garneau which I found by following a link
On the blog Estrn Mntn Sprts (see links, right)
I’m very glad I downloaded this album
It reminds me a bit of Sufjan Stevens
It’s good music for listening to
Walking down the road in the cold
In a new coat
And thinking about buying a scarf
And wondering where your old scarf went
And then waiting at the bus stop
For the 86 into town


G said...

This is going very Flight of the Conchords...

chris killen's flatmate said...

do you live in chorlton then?