Monday, 19 November 2007

breakdown of weekly spending (i need to start saving money)

hos - £90
bitches - £100
miscellaneous crunk - £500
food - £16
toilet roll - £2
showergel from somerfield - 60p
trip to the museum - £1 (voluntary)
big issue - £1.20
trip to Gregg's - £2/£2.40 (depending on jam doughnut)
crystal meth - £40


Frank Morgan said...


the big issue is £1.50 in London

what a rip off.


Fat Roland said...

Problem spending, eh? You have significantly less problems than Jay Z, although I can't help noticing 'bitches' is on your list and, quite specifically, not on his.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

You forget to add:

Coat that I got to look like my hero Socrates - £My Dignity

Stephanie said...

that must be some amazing crunk, or else you're getting seriously ripped off. that's way over market value. i know a guy who can get you some for a lot less ... and he delivers.