Friday, 9 November 2007

i am in prison

Socrates Adams-Florou has submitted a Cat Boat story about the cat i am in prison. it has swearing in it. thanks, Socrates.

here is Socrates' story:

i am in prison

"You think you fucking know me mate you don't know about me where I've been what I've done you think you're life is hard mate your all over the place comin to my turf fuckingmowingme up like a piece of something you kicked off your shoe yeah I've done some bad things who hasn't you haven't i have mate we've all done it yeah so where is your ball now all over the lawn shat into a million pieces coz you can't step to me coz you've totally totally blown it up like last night down the nags mate thats right i've been downthe nags at the end of the day at the middle of the day at the end of the day early doors late doors out doors in doors through doors draw doors dour doors locked doors closed doors draw straws with me mate swap places with me mate youll know whats what then mate your mate judging me just cause I've maid mistakes we've all made mistakes you fucking dweeb poindexter nerd try hard don't bother fobbing me off mate don't think about fobbingme off you think jus coz i don't tork like you you think i'm some kind of fuck long spaz mate you think i'm some kind of fucking tard you think yore better thanme you think jus coz you've been ivy league red brick fucking finishing your course doing your fucking sociology fucking biology fucking biology fucking all your fucking biology you think i give a FUCKING SHIT just fucking spike your drink piggy spike your fucking drink with my shit mate spike myfuckingdrinkshitfeatures."

"See you in a couple of weeks dad."

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Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly harrowing story.