Tuesday, 27 November 2007

oblique review of the album 'split lips, winning hips, a shiner' by the canadian band shapes + sizes

the man in the flat upstairs is building something. i can hear the noise of drills, hammers, etc. i think he has drilled a hole in my ceiling, to look at me in my room when i do things. i stand on my bed and stick a small bit of cardboard over the hole. i put on some music to drown out the sound of building. the music also sounds like someone building something.

the man upstairs sounds like he is building a giant robotic woman made from wood, that he can have sex with, and then get to do the dishes, and then punch in the face, and then sit in like a couch.

the music sounds like someone building a small, non-functional breakfast table out of spiderswebs and post it notes.

i am going to listen to something else now.


xtx said...

i like the word "oblique", which is funny because all of the music I've been listening to lately sounds like the word "oblique".

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Le quiche erotiche.