Sunday, 4 November 2007

please sing on a wig of blood song

i am going to record another wig of blood song this week, called 'i like Raymond Carver'. if you would like to be on the song 'i like Raymond Carver', please record yourself saying the words 'i like Raymond Carver' and save it as a "wav." file and email it to chriskillen [at] you can sing the words if you want, but it is really okay if you just speak them. or even whisper them. there is a simple recording thing on most computers. you just need that and a microphone. i think you can even use headphones as a microphone, by plugging them into the mic socket and speaking into them. i'm pretty sure that works. i will use all the recordings on the song. it is going to be kind of a 'rap' song, i think. you don't actually have to like Raymond Carver to be on the song. i won't mind.

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