Saturday, 17 November 2007

step-by-step plan for the rest of my life:

i am going to sabotage my face with inappropriate expressions. i am going to expect less at all times (like, if i'm in a queue in Café Nero or something, i am going to not expect to get to the front, ever). i am going to speak in an American accent to my parents on the phone. i am going to colour in my legs with a biro. i am going to attach something incredibly small to my finger, something almost imperceptible, and keep it there for as long as i can. i am going to google image search ‘bill bryson’. i am going to make a mistake on purpose and then ‘suffer the consequences’. i am going to phone you up in about an hour and a half. i am going to go and stand in the bathroom and clip the hairs out of my nose. i am going to stop listening to the CD i’ve been listening to, eventually. i am going to bed.


Frank Morgan said...

I like this step by step plan, very sensible, I wish my life was planned out like this.

G said...
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