Tuesday, 13 November 2007

try these links on for size

my friend socrates has started a blog. it looks good so far.

my friend emily mcphillips has a very good short story/poem thing on dogmatika. it's funny.

i got an email asking me to link to this blog which also won something at the manchester blog awards.

i didn't win the post of the week thing.

i bought a new coat.

tao lin is giving away the template to his blog.

zachary german has posted some videos of himself reading lorrie moore and things.

i can't stop listening to the new cass mccombs album. if i wrote a review of it for pitchfork i would give it something like 9.9, i think. i am going to review it on here soon and give it 9.9.

duncan cheshire is up to chapter 75 in the untitled 'supermarket nightmare' 2.

if you've not already read my story on the new straight from the fridge, there's a new version of it up now, with corrected grammatical things, and possibly one new sentence.

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